Logging in a customer

Before placing a bet or retrieving any account-related data for your customers, you need to log into the customer's account. When a customeris logged in using the Sessions API, they are given a ticket, However, this ticket is only valid for a set period of time depending on how it is used.
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  1. Log in the customer.
    Execute the request below:
    POST https://{gateway}/v1/sessions/tickets?username=jpsartre&password=passwordxxxx
    accept: application/xml
    who-apiKey: l7xx999dd7276c4e4ff7b6aa810cb106xxxx
    who-secret: 04d2db4f6baa456489774afc121exxxx
  2. Obtain the TGT from the response.
    The following is a sample response for the request you just made. In the example below, the response includes the ticket and location, where the location is a combination of the endpoint and the ticket for future operations such as DELETE.