How do you submit your idea?

Before you start development, you need to present your idea to us by submitting details about the product you want to build. 

Make sure you include the following:

  • Screenshot/mockup images of your product UI
  • Features list and explanation around what the product will do
  • Which William Hill APIs will you use?
  • Target audience
  • Other details -  in which country do you want your product to be available and anything else worth mentioning. 

We'll do our best to review the idea as soon as we can and decide whether we like it and are going to proceed with it or not. Either way - we'll get back to you via email. 

If you get approved you will receive a welcoming email with all the details you need to start developing and most importantly your API keys and API secret for our sandbox environment.

To submit your idea, raise a ticket to us here.