Creating a Customer Betting Account

This tutorial will take you through the process of registering a new customer account. 

Before any betting functionality is made available, for example checking account balances, placing bets, topping up an account, etc. a customer needs to register an account with William Hill. 

Due to security, legal and compliance reasons customers have to use the William Hill website to open an account and consequentially perform deposits and transactions. William Hill offers several webpages to 3rd party vendors (for overlay purposes) which they can build into and use in their mobile apps and websites.

For betting websites William Hill has created a registration page and for mobile apps we have created a mobile registration with a return URL.

Application Types

The registration process varies depending on whether you implement your service on a webpage or within a mobile application.

Mobile Application

On an iOS or Android application (or on other phone platforms like Blackberry), we recommend embedding a web browser with your personal URL. By doing this you are able to prompt the customer to read the Terms and Conditions of William Hill.

Example iPhone view

Customers will be able to navigate through the registration journey and deposit money into their own personal account.

Example BlackBerry Playbook


On your betting site you can overlay the William Hill registration page, which will means customers can create a new account and make a first deposit.

This page also prompts customers to read and accept the most recent Terms and Conditions of William Hill.


To receive an individual register link you will need to create a ticket via our ticketing support system.