Rates and Quotas

To keep it simple, there's only one plan available for all of the William Hill APIs with rates and quotas high enough for you to get a proper feel for your product during the development process.

Available rates and quotas

API name Active Quota Rate
All APIs Upon registration 100 per min 10 per second

Important note: These rates and quotas are just for the sandbox environment. When you have successfully submitted your app for the production (live) environment, we will tailor a plan to suit your exact requirements.

What is a quota and what is a rate?

  • Quota - Maximum number of requests per minute/hour/day/month to our servers.
  • Rate - Maximum burst rate measured over one second.

Exceeding the rates and quotas

If you exceed these limits while developing, an error message will appear. If limits are regularly abused then we may be forced to turn off your API key in order to preserve the functionality for all users of our APIs. We will also track other usage factors across the portal to ensure that no user abuses the system.

Achieving higher quotas

It's possible for developers to double the quota rate during development for short bursts of activity ( if needed for testing purposes). As quotas are measured as requests per minute on the clock, if you make 100 requests in the last half of a timed minute and then another 100 in the first half of the next minute, it is possible to make 200 in a sixty second period. However, no calls would then be available until the beginning of the following timed minute.