Quality Assurance Testing Tips


This weeks top tip from the Quality Assurance team of WHLabs:

Record and keep everything that you can – remember that you not only need to prove what is broken – but in many cases you need to prove that it has worked in the past or in another environment


Read more top tips from the API QA team below:


Problem/Cause Solution/Reason
Continuous Integration Testing

Build your testsuite in accordance with your Acceptance Criteria.

Understand your environment and services before failing code / builds

APIs and Core services are upraded use the healthcheck dashboard to confirm availability.

Use version control for your code and your test packs.

As a developer you should always turn to QA team to have your code tested thouroughly.

A well designed API should return two things: an HTTP status code and the response body.

Having solid integration testing in place around HTTP and Response body your app is half way to completion.