Company description:

A simple way for online gamers and e-sports fans to bet with their friends and the wider community.

The pitch in a tweet:

The simplest way for online gamers and e-sports fans to bet #BetGame


David Carter, Co-founder – mentored by Vint Cerf (President of Google) and sold tech to RBS at the age of 18. Has a keen interest in Artificial Intelligence

Doug Ward, Co-founder – co-created the first UK technology community map, Tech Britain, and has advised No.10 through Tech City UK. Created co-working space in Manchester and secured £4m from the government for a 100,000 square foot incubator for Manchester’s tech community



Reason for joining:

To work with LMarks on our business model and to partner with a FTSE 100 company that is genuinely committed to creating new and exciting experiences for their customers, in one of the best gambling markets in the world