About our Lab

At William Hill we strive to be the most innovative and exciting company in the industry. We aim to bring our customers better and more enriching user experiences, and APIs form a large part of what enables us to do this. Do you have a great idea and the skills to develop it? We’re now opening up our integration capabilities to the wider developer community to see what you can do.


We’re opening our doors for 12 weeks this autumn for an Accelerator programme. Read more: WHLabs Accelerator Programme.

Working with us

We know everyone wants the best deal, so we'll find a revenue model that best suits you.

How does it work

If you have a great idea and want to be part of the William Hill Developer Community there are a few simple steps to follow.

What do we have

From login and account functionality to bet placement and a Random Number Generator, we have a wide range of functionality for you to use.

What's New

William Hill wins two EGR Awards

The EGR Operator Marketing & Innovation Awards celebrated the most innovative and creative operators in the online gaming industry. We are proud to have won two innovation awards.

William Hill Labs Accelerator

We'll announce the finalists soon! 

William Hill take first bite of the Apple Watch

William Hill announces an industry first as they launch their Apple Watch-ready iOS update across nearly 100 countries

William Hill showing off new gadgets and products

The GamingIntelligence.com blogs about William Hill's involvement in Digital Shoreditch. 

The William Hill Darts app

Built for the William Hill PDC World Darts Championship, the Darts App offers a new user experience for inplay betting.

We're Hiring

We're looking for new additions to the team. Are you interested?


At William Hill we always make sure that or products are tested and used by us before we give them to customers. APIs are no exception. Have a look at some of the apps and Integrations we've done.

The API's

We've provided you with the best betting APIs to enable you to bring your ideas to life. Check out the developer tools we provide below and get cracking.

The Accounts API gives you access to the customer’s account details, so you can check their account balance and obtain other information such as name and email.
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Accounts API

The Accounts API gives you access to the customer’s account details, so you can check how much is in their account and obtain a selection of customer information such as their name and email.

  • Retrieves a limited set of customer account details. For security purposes, only a subset is supplied, which does not include fields such as security questions and answers.
  • Clear the 'Protection of funds' flag set on a customer's account.
  • Retrieve the customer’s account balance in UK Sterling.
  • Retrieves the customer’s account payments in UK Sterling.
Competitions & Prices
A key part of any betting application is the Prices (odds) that William Hill offer on a range of different sports events.
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Competitions API

The Competitions API allows 3rd party developers to directly integrate mobile devices to obtain pricing information. It is split into two functions. The first function allows you to navigate to the events that customers might wish to bet upon. Once at the event level, a single request can be made to get the latest prices on all of the markets for that event. The Competitions API has the following features:

  • Retrieves information about different sports, events, markets and outcomes.
  • Retrieves horse information by event.
  • Retrieves information about all current or pending in-play events.
  • Retrieves price information for an event.
  • Suggests outcomes based on filters.
  • Retrieves top bets information.
The customer is the most important part of any product you build. If you are looking to interact with a customer’s account you will need them to supply a username and a password to access to their account.
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Sessions API

The Sessions API allows you to login a customer using their account details.

  • Login / Logout a customer
  • Retrieve or validate an authentication ticket
Bet Placement
Use this service to place bets with a customer’s account against sports events.
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Bets API

The Bets API methods are used to place single, multiple and complex bets and to retrieve a customer’s bet history. When retrieving a customer’s bet history you can organise the bets from the betting history in terms of date, bet type and whether the bet is settled or not. The Bets API will also generate a bet delay if you’re placing a single/multiple bet in-Play by creating a time margin to negate the effects of major changes to the market (for example goals during a football match). It is used in conjunction with the Betslips API.

You can register new customers by redirecting your customers to the William Hill website where they will go through our registration process.
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A customer who hasn't got an account with William Hill will need to sign up. 

We offer a number of solutions for both web and mobile integrations that allow you to link to or embed William Hill registration pages into your app.

Random Number Generator
This API allows you to generate certified random numbers for use in game play.
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Numbers API

The William Hill Numbers API uses a single method that allows you to generate sets of random numbers for your application.

Numbers can either be unique or can be produced with the chance that some might be the same. For example, you can have a highest value of 6 and a lowest value of 1 with a count of 2 with a Unique value of N (No) - this will give you two numbers between 1 and 6 which are independent, just like two dice being rolled.

The Numbers API is a Private API and therefore not automatically available to developers. To use this API, you will need to contact us and request it.

The Deal

We offer a number of revenue models for your products, whether you want to focus on attracting new customers, or provide existing customers with a superior betting experience. Once you’ve submitted your idea we’ll be in touch to ensure we work out the best deal for you.

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