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Welcome To William Hill

Welcome To William Hill

Develop applications with William Hill

If you're looking for a live odds XML feed to integrate into a website, planning to develop a custom application to integrate with the William Hill platform, or want to share ideas with other developers, then we're building something here for you.

Current users

Thanks for registering to continue to use our Prices service

If you're not already aware, we are changing the way that you access our current XML Price feeds. There will be no fundamental changes to the service, but we will be phasing out the current version of the Prices feed and replacing it with a more managed version to support the high demand from our users.

It's not gone yet, but we will soon commence the process for shutting down the old service and moving everyone onto the new service.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that our Prices feed is the best out there and we have a little bit more to do before we’re ready for you to make the switch. For now, continue to use our current Prices feed and we will be in touch with you soon to update you again.

New to William Hill Prices service

Want to use our Prices service? Register as an affiliate at www.affutd.com and pop back here. You’ll find the link to our feeds on the right hand side of this page. Make sure you don’t forget to fill out the form below; we need your details so we can keep you informed when we’re ready to switch onto our new service!

Failure to register for our new service will result in you not being able to access our Price Feeds.